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From cocktails and recipes, to unmissable events and insider tips on exploring Cornwall - stay up to date with the latest news here. Our blog is written for you by Abby, Emma and Lisa, as well as our occasional guest bloggers and other members of the Greenbank crew. We're all head over heels for Falmouth and further afield, and hope that our posts inform, entertain and inspire...

Nick’s Community Kitchen: Tandoori Chicken Feast Recipe

Check our Facebook video to see how Nick preps a whole chicken for this family feast

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Leftover breakfast pasty recipe

Nick’s twist on a Cornish favourite, this recipe is great for using up leftovers

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Thai inspired cod fishcakes recipe

Featuring coriander & chilli for a fragrant kick, this recipe is a crowd pleaser!

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Chocolate tiffin recipe

One for the family, Nick and Isla create these treats today on our Facebook video

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Traditional Cornish fishcakes

A classic recipe from Nick’s own granny, watch the full demo via Facebook

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Chicken Soup Recipe

Once you’ve created this soup base, you can add anything else to make it hearty

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Nick’s Community Kitchen: simple flatbread recipe

Today via our Facebook live video, Nick showed us this super easy recipe

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We’re offering our hotel beds to support the NHS

Along with The Alverton and The Penventon, we can offer 175 rooms

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The Greenbank will be closed until further notice

The time has now come to fully batten down the hatches to protect each other

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