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On the hunt for a late breakfast in Falmouth? Join us for brunch, served from 10.30am until midday every day in the Water’s Edge bar. Or if the weather’s good, be our guest and opt for a spot outside on our sun-drenched terrace.

We’re lucky to have Falmouth harbour as our backyard. With sweeping views, free parking, and private pontoons (meaning you can arrive by land or water!) – start your day right with our tempting menu. Whether you’re craving a bloomer crammed with local bacon, or satisfying your sweet tooth with a plateful waffles, we’ve got you covered. All served with a side of sea views.

did somebody say bottomless brunch?

Make your brunch boozy by sinking unlimited gin and tonics in the Water’s Edge bar! Our two hour sessions are available every Monday to Saturday. Tuck into any dish from our scrumptious brunch menu, whilst sampling endless Greenbank in-house infused gins (£25 per person, including your choice of brunch.) The ultimate way to kick-start your day. More info here.

Crispy bacon

Crispy bacon, hog’s pudding, griddled egg (2, 4, 7)

St Ewe soft poached egg V (2, 4, 7)

Smoked salmon, wilted spinach, soft poached eggs (2, 7)

Fried egg, bacon, sausage (2, 4, 5, 7)

Falmouth bay crab omelette: Three free range eggs, fresh white and brown crab, fresh dill, lemon, cracked pepper (3, 4, 7)

Water’s Edge breakfast burger: Sausage patty, smoked bacon, griddled egg, tomato, red onion chutney, toasted brioche (2, 4, 7, 14)

Vegan blueberry pancake stack, berry compote, maple syrup Vg (2)

Chef’s granola and berries: Home made granola, berry compote, natural
yogurt, maple syrup V (2, 7, 10)

This includes celery stalks, leaves, seeds and the root called celeriac. You can find celery in celery salt, salads, some meat products, soups and stock cubes.

Wheat (such as spelt and Khorasan wheat/Kamut), rye, barley and oats are often found in foods containing flour, such as some types of baking powder, batter, breadcrumbs, bread, cakes, couscous, meat products, pasta, pastry, sauces, soups and fried food which are dusted with flour.

Crabs, lobster, prawns and scampi are crustaceans. Shrimp paste, often used in Thai and south-east Asian curries or salads, is an ingredient to look out for.

Eggs are often found in cakes, some meat products, mayonnaise, mousses, pasta, quiche, sauces and pastries or foods brushed or glazed with egg.

You will find this in some fish sauces, pizzas, relishes, salad dressings, stock cubes and Worcestershire sauce.

Yes, lupin is a flower, but it’s also found in flour. Lupin flour and seeds can be used in some types of bread, pastries and even in pasta.

Milk is a common ingredient in butter, cheese, cream, milk powders and yoghurt. It can also be found in foods brushed or glazed with milk, and in powdered soups and sauces.

These include mussels, land snails, squid and whelks, but can also be commonly found in oyster sauce or as an ingredient in fish stews.

Liquid mustard, mustard powder and mustard. This ingredient can also be found in breads, curries, marinades, meat products, salad dressings, sauces and soups.

10. NUTS
This ingredient refers to nuts that grow on trees, like cashew nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. You can find nuts in breads, biscuits, crackers, desserts, nut powders, stir-fried dishes, ice cream, marzipan, nut oils and sauces.

Grown underground, peanuts are often found in biscuits, cakes, curries, desserts, sauces (such as satay sauce), as well as in groundnut oil and peanut flour.

These seeds can often be found in bread, breadsticks, houmous, sesame oil and tahini.

13. SOYA
Found in bean curd, edamame beans, miso paste, textured soya protein, soya flour or tofu, soya is a staple ingredient in oriental food. It can also be found in desserts, ice cream, meat products, sauces and vegetarian products.

This is an ingredient often used in dried fruit such as raisins, dried apricots and prunes. You might also find it in meat products, soft drinks, vegetables, as well as in wine and beer. If you have asthma, you have a higher risk of developing a reaction to sulphur dioxide.

Daily changing dishes include varying ingredients containing specific allergens. Please ask your server for further allergen information.

Looking for a pub environment for brunch?

Head downstairs to The Working Boat, for big breakfasts, sandwiches, and eggs cooked how you like. Brunch is served from 9am until 11.30am every Saturday and Sunday. Worth getting out of bed for!


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“Rooms with a view, delicious food and breakfast bliss. The porridge I have asked for is brought with brown sugar and honey. The scrambled egg is just right. Thick-cut toast arrives when we want it, accompanied with butter in a dish and zesty marmalade in little screw-top jars. Perfect.”

Paddy Burt, Telegraph Travel

"The award-winning Water’s Edge restaurant is airy and light and shares that stunning view out over the harbour.  The restaurant serves a truly first rate brunch with sunrise views, and we felt fully set up for a day of exploration."

Riddle Magazine

"The hotel’s restaurant is long and thin, taking full advantage of the wonderful view across the harbour which is mesmerising by day or by night."

Travels with Kat