February Featured Cocktails in the Bar

Many have triumphed their Dry January, whilst others have been waiting for the first of February to roll its way into our lives. Short and sweet just like this romantic month itself, here we have our latest collection of weekly cocktails…

Chocoholics (week one)

Forget your diet for the week that this irresistible cocktail is in town. Four equally appetising ingredients – Aztec chocolate bitters, Curio cocoa nibs vodka, white chocolate liqueur and dark chocolate liqueur – create a chocoholic dream.

Red Bison (week two)

Our expert cocktail makers will lovingly blend Żubrówka Bison Grass vodka, cherry syrup, lemon juice and a generous glug of cranberry juice to create a sweet pink tonic you’ll fall head over heels for. Perfect for the most romantic day of the year.

Beam Tea (week three)

To keep things fresh, just like the weather. This brilliant balance includes Jim Beam honey liqueur with bourbon, berry tea, chai tea syrup and a strong squeeze of lemon juice. Truly the cream of the crop.

Autumnal Flower (week four)

Featuring a punchy blend of honeyed rum, jasmine tea, lemon juice and soda – we’ve fallen in love with this fruity, floral tonic. Try it for yourself and thank us later!

Every Friday from 5pm until close, snap up two cocktails for £10, including the featured cocktails above during their allocated weeks.