Greenbank Beach Clean: 27th October


The Greenbank team has joined Surfers Against Sewage to host our very own beach clean – to unite, inspire and empower our community to take action to help create Plastic Free Coastlines.

Each year our coastal communities brace themselves against the winter conditions that create a ‘Perfect Storm’ of plastic pollution on our beaches. The Autumn Beach Clean (held nationwide) extends deep into this darker, colder time than any other beach clean project. When, in the absence of summer’s tourist spotlight, the health of our coastlines can slip from the nation’s mind.

We are running our clean at Greenbank Beach on 27th October 2017. We will be meeting at The Working Boat and will be armed with bin bags and gloves to do our bit to help. We’d love for you to join us at any point from 4pm – 6pm! Please sign up to our Facebook event or email us if you’re interested in taking part (and we will reward you with a drink in the pub if you lend a hand.)