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How to keep your pets calm this bonfire night


It’s the one wintery night that most of us don’t mind being outside on; a chance to officially break out wooly hats and cosy jumpers, gather round and sip on hot chocolate, whilst we ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ over pretty colours in the skies. But for our four legged friends, it can be a lot less exciting, with 45% of dog owners stating their pooches show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

At The Greenbank, we’re big pet lovers – so here’s our guide on making sure the owners aren’t the only ones feeling comfortable come November 5th.

1. Find a safe spot…
We all need somewhere to hide once in a while – and it’s equally important for pets too. So whether it’s under a table, behind the sofa or in their favourite basket, make sure theirs is accessible.

2. Plan ahead…
Try to feed and walk dogs whilst it’s still light so that the likelihood of fireworks going off and scaring them is reduced. Wearing them out during the day, maybe by taking them for a good run on the beach or for a walk around some of Cornwall’s beautiful gardens, can also help them settle better in the evening.

3. Distraction…
Draw the curtains and switch on the TV or some music to muffle the noise of the explosions. Chew toys are always a good option too – after all, as any dog owner will know, there’s very little that can come between a dog and a new toy!

4. Stay cool…
Much like children, pets will always look towards their owners for a response to a loud noise so by you staying calm, it acts as a reassurance for them. Never tell your pets off for showing fear. And incase your pets do panic and scarper, make sure yours is wearing some type of identification for easy re-uniting!

We think your pooches deserve a break as relaxing as yours – that’s why we have eight dog-friendly rooms. We’re close to all beaches and nature trails you could possibly need so we make the perfect base from which to discover Cornwall, for hound or human!