Introducing Food & Beverage Manager Matt Garland


Living in Cornwall all of his life, Matt started working in hospitality when he was fifteen years old at Penmorva Manor in Budock for two years. Enjoying the customer service and buzz of hospitality at a young age, Matt went on to work at The Greenbank as a part-time waiter when he was seventeen to fund his college art degree.

He realised after his first day at college that he wouldn’t be able to fund his lifestyle doing art, as he wanted to start earning some money and start a career. He left college to pursue a full time career at The Greenbank and worked his way up. Split shifts seemed to work for Matt’s lifestyle, as it meant he could get a surf in every day but still work a usual days work.

Working his way up the ladder, Matt started as a waiter, to then become a Training Junior Manager, Duty Manager, Restaurant Manager, Food Service Manager and eventually to where he is now: Food and Beverage Manager. Matt feels like he has been very lucky to have been given the opportunities The Greenbank has given him, working twelve years at the hotel.

What watersports do you love/recommend?

I absolutely love surfing. The buzz you get when you catch a wave is second to none. I would also recommend sailing, as it’s such a spectacular sport.

What makes Falmouth so special to you?

I was born in the area of Falmouth and spent most of my life on the Falmouth beaches, especially as a kid! My family are also very close, which is important to me. I then met my wife in Falmouth. So it’s special for all kinds of reasons.

What Cornish delicacy is your favourite?

There’s just so many! My top would have to be hog’s pudding, a large Choaks or Anne’s Pasty, Healey’s cider, or seafood – lots and lots of seafood. It really is the best in Cornwall.

Can you sum up Cornwall in 5 words?

There’s no place like home.


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