Introducing Head Receptionist Roschen Pharo


Born and raised in South Africa, Roschen moved to Gloucestershire in the UK to study. Whilst studying, Roschen worked as a waitress and loved that she was able to meet lots of different people every day, resulting in boosting her confidence.

After finishing her studies, Roschen spontaneously moved to Falmouth with her best friend who recommended that she handed in her CV to The Greenbank Hotel for a receptionist role. She was interviewed and given the role on the same day as applying. Working for The Greenbank for three years and balancing an open university course, Rosch realised she was more focused on progressing in her career, which eventually led to her promotion as Head Receptionist.

What makes Falmouth so special to you?

Living so close to the beaches reminds me of growing up in my home town of Cape Town, South Africa. Just being able to walk five or ten minutes to get to a sandy beach is bliss. It does make me miss home though – especially the warm weather as unfortunately England can’t compete!

What Cornish delicacy is your favourite?

There’s nothing quite like a cold Cornish cider on a hot summer evening. Hanging out with friends with a couple of ciders in hand is the ultimate hang out.

Can you sum up Cornwall in three words?

Picturesque, homely, and peaceful.


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