Meet Tom and Jesse, founders of Jubel Beer

There’s a new beer on the block in Cornwall. Falmouth-based Jubel is the creation of university friends Tom Jordan and Jesse Wilson, who came across a popular beer tradition in the Alps at an après ski bar known locally as demi-pèche. Here we chat to the guys about their new branding and launch of their new Elderflower flavour…

How was Jubel created?

We stumbled on a dangerously refreshing beer tradition called demi-pêche at a ski bar in the Alps but couldn’t find anything like it back here. We used the rest of our student loans to brew 5,000 bottles and said if we sold them at Glastonbury we’d quit our jobs and do it full-time and here we are.

​What makes Jubel unique?

There are a lot of great beers out there, but this was the beer we wanted to drink that no one brewed. We’re often told it’s different to what people expect so we like to think our beer is pretty unique. There doesn’t seem to be anyone doing naturally infused lager the way we are and we think it’s one of those quirks that works.

Why the new re-branding?

There were a couple of reasons. We had a fair few people say they thought our old branding looked quite like Corona so we wanted to have a more distinctive look to make sure we weren’t seen as a me-too brand. We were also bringing out a second beer and we needed to find a way that our packaging could extend across multiple beers. Another key reason was product quality – clear bottles aren’t good for beer, the sunlight actually damages the liquid and gives it an off-taste. We switched to brown bottles which block out the light and stop this happening, and felt we needed to design our branding and packaging to suit a brown bottle.

What is your favourite, peach or elderflower?

We’re split on that one actually!

Where is your favourite location in Cornwall to enjoy a brew?

We’ve often had a swift pint sat up on the rock above the Ferry Boat overlooking the Helford. It’s the spot where Tom grew up and it’s hard not to have some creative ideas sat with a beer and having a chat up there.

What are your plans for the future of Jubel?

We’re only in bottles in the on-trade right now. We’re keen to expand to draught and cans at some stage to have more presence in the on-trade and at events. Most beer sales happen in supermarkets as well, so when we get to the right level of awareness we probably need to think about how we can start to get some supermarket listings. We’d love to be a national and international brand but we’re taking it a day at a time, keep having fun and see where we get.

How would you sum up Cornwall in three words?

Chilled, beaut and home.

Finally, where would we find you when you’re not working?

Hard to find us not working at the moment as things have been really busy lately and we’ve got lots of exciting stuff coming up this summer! You’ll certainly find us at the SkyBar events this summer though, enjoying a few evenings and blowing off a bit of steam.


Be sure to check out more of Jubel’s work over on Instagram or try a few for yourself in our Water’s Edge bar and The Working Boat.