Meet The Team: Spa Therapist Lindsay Cowley

Meet the team behind the Green Room Spa: spa therapist Lindsay Cowley. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we talk with Lindsay about her favourite spa treatments, products and recommendations for her clients.

meet the team lindsay cowley spa therapist at The Greenbank Hotel

How did you start out as a spa therapist?

I got my qualifications as a beauty and holistic therapist 20 years ago. Leaving home in South Africa, I joined Steiner in Farnham, which is a recruiting agency for therapists on cruise liners. I was fortunate enough to land a world cruise on my first contract, which was an incredible experience. One I will never forget. My journey then took me to salons and prestigious spas on land across Cornwall.

What made you want to become a spa therapist?

My interest in aromatherapy grew from me picking flowers in my mum’s garden at the age of five and making up my own flower potions. My curiosity has always been in health and nutrition. The holistic approach to well-being and sensing an intuitive side to life is also fascinating to me. Being able to help someone feel better from within is very rewarding.

meet the team lindsay cowley spa therapist at The Greenbank Hotel

What’s your favourite treatment?

I actually enjoy giving all the treatments, but the Tropic Super Deluxe Facial has to be my number one treatment of choice. From start to finish, immerse in all the wonderful natural ingredients and smell of Tropic products with immediate effects on both mind and body is one to be experienced.

What treatment would you recommend for someone that has never had a treatment before?

I would recommend a back, neck and shoulder massage to start, as people don’t realise how much tension is held within the body, especially the back.

What products would you recommend for your clients?

I am proud to use and recommend Tropic to my clients. Over the years I have worked with lots of different products to finally find a range that ticks all the boxes for being cruelty free and vegan. With over 100 prestigious awards to date, Tropic is leading the way in green and clean beauty, being certified both a carbon neutral company and ethical company.

smeet the team lindsay cowley spa therapist at The Greenbank Hotel

Where is the best place to unwind?

Taking time out for yourself is so important. As well as this, I always advise those to be mindful of switching off from all distractions. It’s a gentle reminder that those things will still be there when you plug back in. I recently went on a retreat for a couple of days out in the Devon countryside. Being off the grid with no distractions was bliss. I encourage my clients to switch off before treatment and allow themselves to be transported into total relaxation with their time in the The Green Room Spa.

How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

I love to grow flowers, so my free time is spent out in my cutting patch. This is a passion of mine, which I’m cultivating with the idea of being able to provide locally grown, British, seasonal flowers for weddings and events in Cornwall.

What’s your favourite thing about being a spa therapist?

Meeting people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Everyone has a story to tell and I love to listen. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, but most of all I’ve been humbled. Being grateful is the key to happiness.

meet the team lindsay cowley spa therapist at The Greenbank Hotel

Can you sum up your job in five words?

Interactive, varied, physical, relaxing and compassionate.

And finally, what made you want to come to Cornwall?

My parents met and got married in Cornwall, so it’s always been a pull. I absolutely love Cornwall and all its beauty. It’s been the best playground for raising two boys. Whenever I leave, I can’t wait to get back.


To book a treatment with Lindsay, please call our reception team on 01326 312440.