November Cocktail Recipe: Tuaca Crumble

Warm your cockles with our latest cocktail of the month – the very moreish Tuaca Crumble. Tuaca is a liqueur made from oak-aged Italian brandy, infused with natural citrus fruit and vanilla. Add in cinnamon, apple juice and lemon – and we guarantee you’ll be reaching for another…


2 parts Tuaca (50ml)
4 parts apple juice (100ml)
¾ lemon squeezed
¾ shot of sugar syrup (or two teaspoons of caster sugar)
Ice cubes
Cinnamon to sprinkle
Apple slices to garnish


Add all of your ingredients to your glass one at a time, finishing with your lemon juice squeezed on the top.

Fill the glass with ice, lightly dust the top with cinnamon, and add a couple of apple slices to garnish.


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