The Greenbank’s Most Romantic Gestures

Romance is never far from our minds at The Greenbank, and we’ve put our heads together to present five of our favourites to bring you and your significant other that little bit closer together:

Rare editions: The experience of unwrapping a rare, limited or first edition from a partner’s favourite writer is a unique and intimate pleasure, especially if it’s a book they grew up with. (As it happens, children’s favourite The Wind in the Willows was brought to life at the Greenbank.)

Write them a romantic letter: The old fashioned ways are more often than not the most romantic; and a handwritten letter in real ink outlining just how you feel is a surefire winner. For inspiration look to Kenneth Grahame’s thoughts framed above the Greenbank staircase.

Give A Real Massage: A very hand-on approach to romance, and an extremely intimate and rewarding gift to give. Find the oils and candles and turn the lights down low, it’s massage time. Both of you can wind down in our Green Room spa, and let us do the hard work for you.

Something fruity: Those leading busy lives can find it hard to treat themselves to life’s little pleasures such as a tall glass by the water. Our cocktail night brings an extra special something into stays at the Greenbank; how about a little champagne number for the man and wife?

Served just how they like it: Remembering just how they like their tea, coffee or morning toast is a tiny step towards the perfect partnership: Our team is more than pleased to deliver personalised plates of breakfast in bed to new brides, anniversary celebrators or simply those on an indulgent weekend away.

A Romance Retreat at The Greenbank gives you the time to celebrate these little idiosyncrasies, and a quiet word with our staff to play a part in any little surprise is always on the cards; book today by contacting our reception team.