The Greenbank’s three-step guide to a stylish New Year’s Eve

Every year you’ll hear whispers of New Years Eve plans amongst your friends as early as summertime – with some eager to start organising trips the moment midnight strikes on December 31st the previous year – and more often than not it involves an overzealous itinerary. At the Greenbank, we think simple parties are the best.

Here’s our three-step guide to a stylish New Year’s Eve in Falmouth:

Step 1. To start:

We believe that a simple tinkling of the ivories with cocktails for company is a superb way to bring in the New Year, and as well as feeling like a million dollars, the excitement in the air always brings everyone out of their shells – which always makes things a little more interesting!

Step 2. Fuel up:

Food planning on New Years Eve is always a struggle for those hosting or ‘out on the town’, and on a night such as this, the final of the year, an indulgent three-course meal is only fitting. Terrine of guinea fowl, anyone? Maybe a 28-day aged beef fillet steak? Who could deny a peaches and cream iced parfait, on New Year’s Eve of all nights!

Step 3. Party time:

Ladies, get your handbags. Gentlemen, lace up your dancing shoes, after being wined and dined comes party time, everyone’s favourite part of the evening.

We think you’ll all agree that no New Year’s Eve is complete without a disco, and DJs that are impartial to frequent requests are always the life and soul of the party. What’s even better is when there’s a quieter space to relax if you find that throwing shapes gets a little overwhelming, in which case a bar with laid back tunes and a mellow glass of ‘something red’ checks all the boxes before the clock ticks down to midnight!

New Year’s Eve planning needn’t be a headache, and whilst the morning after may be a different story, there’s not much a full English breakfast can’t fix!