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Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Summer’s here and what better thing to do than enjoy cocktails on our terrace on a warm Friday evening. We’ve put together our top 5 cocktails to enjoy this summer!

Our take on the classic Mojito, the Mojito-tini is a refreshing blend of gold rum, mint, lime and sugar. Perfect for cooling down when sitting in the sunshine.

No ‘must try’ list would be complete without a Cosmopolitan. Add a little Sex in the City style to your weekend by enjoying this delicious mix overlooking the water.

This classic cocktail is a perfect balance of sweet and sour and welcomes in the weekend with a mix of Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice and a little blackberry. There’s a reason this makes the top five on our list!

Mango Margarita
A frozen and fruity take on the classic Margarita.  This alcoholic smoothie is perfect for a hot summer’s afternoon on the terrace.

Raspberry Daiquiri
Hard week at work? The Raspberry Daiquiri is the perfect way to start the weekend. A frozen blend of raspberries, light rum, lime and sugar, it was made to be enjoyed watching the sun go down.

Enjoy two cocktails for £10 every Friday evening in the Greenbank Bar.